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Mrs. Carolyn Burns- Math

Carolyn Burns

Class Schedule: 

1st period 

Integrated Math 1

2nd period 


3rd period 

Integrated Math 1

4th period 

Integrated Math 1 Honors

5th period 

Integrated Math 1 Honors

6th period 

Integrated Math 1 Honors

7th period 

Integrated Math 1 Honors



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Recent Posts


We have started Midterms, make sure to bring your Midterm review to class with you on the day of your midterm. Remember to also bring a calculator. Lastly if you have not finished your assignments on Mathia, please finish that up ASAP

Mid Term Review 2018

Here is the midterm review I handed out in class today. We will start going over questions from it on Wednesday 12/12/18. Please check INow and if you have not finished your Mathia, please get that done. Remember the Mathia was part of a 50 point test grade and until you finish it I can not update your grade, you had to finish the box titled "Representing Compound Inequalities". If you have any questions please contact me.

Moving forward

We will start systems of equations next week (please remember to bring your textbook). The test grade over Equations and Inequalities has been updated. Remember if it says MI that means you have not finished all of the boxes on your computer work. Be sure to be working on these outside of class if that applies to you.

Module 2 Topic 2 Test Review

Students were given a Test Review today for their test on Tuesday. I will go over questions on Monday and test will be on Tuesday for Module 2 Topic 2 (Equations and Inequalities). We did Mathia today in class, if your student does not have a 10 out of 10 on the assignment please have them arrange time to come in and try to catch up or they can work on it from home.

Enjoy your weekend/ next week information

We will be working on inequalities and compound inequalities next week. Please be aware that progress reports were sent home today. I have added some assignments today so their grade may be slightly different. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and enjoy your weekend.

this week

We will have test corrections from the linear functions test due on Friday 11/9/18. If students made below a 28/40 on the test the corrections are mandatory, if they made above a 28/40 it is optional. We are working on equations and will start literal equations on Wednesday.

Looking forward

Since we tested today I wanted to update and let you know that our next topic is solving linear equations (including literal equations) and inequalities

Linear Function Test

We will have a linear functions test on Wednesday 10/31/18. The students are receiving a study guide today (this test will cover sections 1-3 in Module 2 Topic 1)

New Module

We are starting Module 2 where we are revisiting and making connections between Arithmetic Sequences and Linear Functions

Statistics Test

We have a test over Statistics in Honors on Thursday 10/11/18 and in Standard on Friday 10/12/18. I have posted 2 resources with some additional practice for students to refer to if they feel they need some additional content


Please make sure you have completed "Writing Explicit Formulas" from the Mathia list (remember I posted the tracker on my website earlier this year and the corner of the screen will show you what section you are on". You can access Mathia through the school website and do it at home if you are behind. Enjoy your break and be safe