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Belinda Juergens-English

Belinda Juergens


Class Schedule: 

1st period 

Honors English IV

2nd period   

 Honors English IV

3rd period 


4th period 


5th period 

 Honors English IV

6th period 


7th period 

 Honors English IV


To check your grades and attendance, click on the Information Now link at the top of the page. To get assistance with your iNow username and password, please call the Siegel office at 904-3800.  


You can access your Office 365 account under the Students tab. The username and password are the same as your computer login at school. If you need help with how to use different features in your account you can click on this link to download the Office 365 guide.


Recent Posts

Exam Review Materials

See the file attachments for review materials for the mid-term exam.  Exams start Friday, December 14.  

Research Paper Drafts Due Monday

Remember that your completed research paper rough drafts are due Monday.  Be sure to print them BEFORE coming to class.  I will have the language hall lab open at 7:30 Monday for anyone who needs assistance or needs to print.  You may show this web page entry to be allowed down the English hall.  Email me with any questions you may have over the weekend.  

Outline and Paper Formatting Tomorrow

We will be in the language hall computer lab tomorrow to format your outlines and research papers.  Mrs. Cing is coming to help us set up our papers.  

Superlative Voting

Remember to vote for superlatives before tomorrow's deadline.  Information is in your student email.  


English IV Honors students are reading George Orwell's 1984 over the next few weeks.  Part I, chapters 4-6 are due by Thursday, November 8.  We are having some wonderful discussion on parallels to today's society.