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Belinda Juergens-English

Belinda Juergens


Class Schedule: 

1st period 

Honors English IV

2nd period   

 Honors English IV

3rd period 


4th period 


5th period 

 Honors English IV

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7th period 

 Honors English IV


To check your grades and attendance, click on the Information Now link at the top of the page. To get assistance with your iNow username and password, please call the Siegel office at 904-3800.  


You can access your Office 365 account under the Students tab. The username and password are the same as your computer login at school. If you need help with how to use different features in your account you can click on this link to download the Office 365 guide.


Recent Posts

Club Photos

We will be taking club and organizational photos at Siegel High School on Friday, February 23.  See the posted club schedules around the building for times.  

Senior Cap and Gown Orders

The final deadline for cap and gown orders is very near.  Please make sure you have ordered your cap and gown!  You don't want to be missing one when May rolls around this year.  It is coming much faster than you think! 

1984 by George Orwell

All students should be reading 1984 by George Orwell.  This is outside reading, so you have weekly reading assignments that should be completed at home.  Please remember that there is no substitute for the reading experience.  Watching the movie or reviewing Spark Notes will never replace the value of reading.  

Welcome Back to School

As we begin the new semester, English IV Honors students will be studying epics.  I would also like to welcome our student teaching intern Ms. Lesley Sweeton.  She will be teaching some classes starting next week.  


Students should review for the mid-term using the review sheet given in class.  Please see link for the review sheet.  First and second exams are Monday.  Fifth exam is Wednesday.  

Anglo-Saxon Poetry Test

Senior Honors students will have a major test over the Anglo-Saxon poetry unit next Thursday, December 14.  The test will cover Anglo-Saxon study guide two, the reading of the poems "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer," the lecture notes from class, and the riddles.  

Gift for Angel Tree Child
Thanks to my first period students (and those in other periods who helped) for their generosity in providing for our seven-year-old Angel Tree child who wanted a battery-operated vehicle for Christmas.  We were able to provide this wonderful Chevy Tahoe for him.  

Research Paper Update

Our English IV PLC made the decision today that all research paper grades (clean copy rough draft and final copy) will count in the third quarter grades.  

Research Schedule This Week

Students turned in rough drafts of the research paper for peer editing.  The next step is to peer edit the papers on Thursday.  Students will the revise the papers to turn them in on Monday for the rough draft grade.  This paper is worth 200 points.  

Research Papers in Computer Lab

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week all senior honors students should report to the computer lab on the language hall to begin typing research papers.  You will need your copy of your outline and your note cards.  

Research Schedule This Week

Senior Honors students should remember to bring research binders to class each day this week.  We are in the computer lab for Mrs. Cing to show you how to format your research paper on Wednesday.  Bring a flash drive to save your document if you plan to type at home.  On Thursday, you will be creating rough drafts of your topic outline.  On Friday, we will combine the thesis statement and outline to create your preliminary outline for the paper.  The typed version is due on Monday, November 6.  

Note Cards

Honors English IV students are working on completing note cards for their research papers.  Students have 35 cards due on Friday, October 27.  They are encouraged to use sources from both our library and the MTSU library.  We have been in the library all of this week working on the notes.  Our last library day is Tuesday.  Extra credit is available for up to 5 cards.  

Parent Conferences

This Thursday is Parent Conference Day at Siegel High School. Please contact me by email if you would like to come in for a conference. We are just getting started with our senior research project, so I would love to share the details with you.