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Alicia Pancake - Math

***Redo Opportunity***
Every student has the opportunity to redo the Hello 2019 Review Assignment for full credit. It is due Friday, 1/18/19.
Last iNow Update: Tues. 1/15 at 3:23 P.M. 
Please remember to check the "No Name Wall" for any assignments you feel you have turned in but have not received a grade on. I currently have 5 unclaimed papers posted. 
Thurs. 1/10: Make sure that you've finished and turned in your Hello 2019 Review. (It was due today.) There are hints and an answer key attached to the right. Remember, I am grading your WORK! That is the most important part. Textbook Check tomorrow!
Fri. 1/11: Textbook Check!!! Make sure you've finished and turned in your Literal Equations Practice Paper. (This was due today.) There is an answer key attached to the right, but remember, I am only grading your work. (Textbook Check Mercy Day on Monday. No excuses. This is your chance to step up and show me how responsible. I believe in you!) **Linear and Literal Equations Quiz on Monday**
Mon. 1/14: Are you missing any work??? Remember, the Bumblebee Equation Handout is due on Friday. This is in the second silver tray in my classroom. Today in class you were given a 4-question quiz and the rest of the time was set aside for you to work on what you may be missing. Please reflect on how you used this time and if you are working at your highest potential. I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?
Tues. 1/15: (Mathia) Check your grades. What are you missing??? Did you miss Monday's quiz? I have attached a copy of it if you need it or you can schedule a time to come see me during PI time.
Wed. 1/16: We are starting Linear Inequalities today. (Packet attached to the right.) You need your textbook for this!
Thurs. 1/17: Today, we continued Linear Inequalities. You should be done with pg. 2 of your packet; this is the one we started yesterday. The Linear Inequality Icecream Assignment is due today. (Attached to the right) Bellwork is due tomorrow. (Attached to the right) Bumblebee Linear Equations Handout due tomorrow (In the second silver tray in the classroom.)
Fri 1/18: Make sure your work is all done correctly and turned in. Today, we continued practicing Basic Linear Inequalities.
Tutoring Information: 
  • Coach Pitts, our Math Interventionist, offers free math tutoring at 7:00 A.M. every school day. Please, email him at to set up a day to come to him for help. 
    • You do NOT have to have Coach Pitts as a teacher to receive this tutoring.
  • The link below has information regarding tutoring through Siegel High School's National Honors Society. These tutors will be Siegel High School Students. 
Important Dates:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School): Mon. 1/21
Early Dismissal: Thurs. 1/31
Q3 Mid Progress Reports: 2/6 - 2/8 (TBA)
Presidents' Day (No School): Mon. 2/18
Early Dismissal: Thurs. 3/7
Q3 Report Cards: Thurs. 3/14
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Thurs. 3/21
Spring Break: 3/23 - 3/31
Q4 Mid Progress Reports: 4/10 - 4/12 (TBA)
Good Friday (No School): Fri. 4/19
Graduation: Sat. 5/18 @ 2:30 P.M.
Last Full Day! Fri. 5/24
Memorial Day (No School): Mon. 5/27
Teacher Work Day (No School for Students): Tues. 5/28
Last Two-Hour Day! Wed. 5/29
Current MATHia Online Lab Dates:
Please make sure to bring ear buds to class on the following days. More information on these activities is forthcoming.
Tues. 1/15
Wed. 1/23
Tues. 1/29
Tues. 2/5
Wed. 2/13
Wed. 2/20
Wed. 2/26
Tues. 3/5
Tues. 3/12
Tues. 3/19
Multiplication Tests:
Starting the week of August 20th, my classes will have weekly tests on their multiplication facts. We will not be spending class time to practice these. It is the student's responsibility to study on their own at home for the test each Friday. The focuses for each week are below. They are listed by test date, so that list should be ready to be tested on the date given. (Ex: 2 means all facts 2 times 1 through 2 times 12)
Dec. 7: 12
Please sign up for Remind for Immediate Updates and Reminders on Homework and Assignments:
If you have the Remind App, our class code is @pancakem
Otherwise, choose one of the following options:
Text @pancakem to the phone number 81010 (THIS IS THE EASIEST OPTION!)

If you use Remind 101, be aware that as of 1/28/2019, Verizon Wireless customers will no longer receive text messages from Remind 101. This is due to Verizon now charging Remind 101 a per text fee. You can still use Remind 101 with Verizon service but will need to receive messages in other ways. I have posted a link below on how Verizon customers can still use the service for free.

Alicia Pancake 

Class Schedule: 


1st period 

 Integrated Math I

2nd period 


3rd period 

 Integrated Math I

4th period 

 Integrated Math I

5th period 

 Integrated Math I 

6th period 

 Integrated Math I 

7th period 

 Integrated Math I 


To check your grades and attendance, click on the Information Now link at the top of the page. To get assistance with your iNow username and password, please call the Siegel office at 904-3800.  


You can access your Office 365 account under the Students tab. The username and password are the same as your computer login at school. If you need help with how to use different features in your account you can click on this link to download the Office 365 guide.


If you have any questions about classroom or grading policy, please reference the Syllabus on the right.