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What is Beta Club?

  • Believing that exemplary student effort and achievement should be encouraged and rewarded, and seeking to cultivate the ideals of service and leadership in our citizens of tomorrow, the governing body of the National Honorary Beta Club has instituted this organization for the promotion of these ideals and those stated in the Beta Creed, among elementary and secondary school students. 
  • Between the Junior Beta Club (grades 4-8) and Senior Beta Club (grades 9-12), the organization has helped nearly seven million students learn how to make a life for themselves—and, since 1991, it has awarded over $5 million in scholarships.
  • There are now more than 450,000 active members and more than 8,750 clubs nationally and internationally. It has become the nation's largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization.​​

Beta Club Mission Statement

To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

  • ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement
  • CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful
  • LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow
  • SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others​​

Purpose of Beta Club

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the ideals of honesty, service, morality, ethical conduct, and leadership among elementary and secondary school students; to reward meritorious academic achievement; and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school.
Who qualifies for membership in the BETA CLUB? 
The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: (a) a high school student in grades 10-12, (b) worthy, moral and ethical character, (c) good mentality (d) creditable achievement (GPA of 3.5 or higher for 11th & 12th graders), (e) commendable attitude.  Membership is by invitation only at the beginning of 11th grade year.

Are there any dues/payments?  
There is a one-time fee of $25.00 collected after acceptance to the Club and prior to induction.  In addition, a yearly $15.00 membership fee for both the local and National Beta Club dues.  If the national chapter raises its dues, our local chapter will have to collect the monetary increase. 

Application and money: 
If you feel your character is in good standing, your academic record is 3.5+ or you are a 11th grader,  you can fulfill Beta Club participation and community service requirements, please fill out the application form and turn it in to Ms. Gober, Ms. Cing, Mr. Reeder, Ms. Burke, Ms. B. Miller or Ms. Skelton by February 15th. 

How will I know I have been accepted into the Beta Club? 
If all required fees and paperwork is completed. 

You will be required to complete 10 hours of service (community, school, church, etc.) per school year in order to remain in the club.  Service opportunities must be submitted at the end of the winter semester.  We recommend that you begin earning service hours immediately after being notified you have been accepted into the club by checking the Beta Twitter feed (@SiegelBeta).  You will also need to follow us on Twitter to keep up with service & other information. ALL SENIORS MUST HAVE 5 COMPLETED HOURS BY MARCH 31ST IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A BETA CORD FOR GRADUATION. 

Attendance is MANDATORY to the Induction Ceremony. 
Beta Club sponsors:  Ms. Gober, Ms. Cing, Mr. Reeder, Ms. Burke, Ms. B. Miller and Ms. Skelton.  
Please do not disturb a class for Beta Club reasons.  See the sponsors before/after school if you have questions.