Registration Information

Freshman orientation:
March 7th at 6:00pm at Siegel High School
Registration Information 2023-24 (for current Siegel High students only)
Students will register through their English classes.
February 13-17 Freshman (rising sophomores)
February 27-March 3 Sophomores (rising juniors)
March 6-10 Juniors (rising seniors)
For more information on the CTE Programs, click the link below.
If you are interested in Work-Based Learning your senior year, please see requirements and application below.
    • Have a “C” average (2.5 GPA). 
    • Have a good citizenship record for the previous years. 
    • Have nine or less absences for the prior year unless approved by the instructor. (Three tardies will count as one absence). 
    • Have two (2) teacher recommendations:  one Non-CTE Teacher and one Program of Study Teacher. 
    • Must provide their own transportation including Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance submitted documentation. 
If you are new to Rutherford County Schools, you will need to register online.
Please go to the following website for the information you will need:
If you have questions please call 615-904-3800 to reach Phoebe Owenby (ext. 29520).