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Angie Nelson - Math

Angie Nelson


Class Schedule: 

1st period 

 Integrated Math II Honors

2nd period 


3rd period 


4th period 

 Integrated Math I Honors

5th period 

 Integrated Math I Advanced Honors

6th period 

 Integrated Math I Advanced Honors

7th period 

 Integrated Math I Advanced Honors


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August 3, 2017 - Supply List

Classroom Requests

Student Needs



3-Ring Binder (2”-3”) – MATH ONLY

Color Copy Paper



Clorox Wipes



Paper Towels


Glue Sticks, Scissors



Composition Book

Dry-Erase Markers


Colored Pencils





Recent Posts

Int Math I classes have a quiz tomorrow over intercepts, standard to slope-intercept form, ind/dep variables and literal equations. I have posted several kahoots to allow students to get extra practice. Also, I am sending home information about quarter one project. It's due on the 25th, which allows two full weekends to get it complete. I will not accept late projects.
Int Math II class will have some additional time to complete their test tomorrow before moving on to the next lesson.

Choir Students

If you were absent today due to choir, then I have posted the enrichment assignment for Int Math I students on the Weebly webpage. You can send me questions through Remind or come get a PI pass for additional help. The enrichment assignment is due tomorrow regardless of homecoming activities. Come find me and hand it to me before the end of the day tomorrow. As for Int Math II, I will send out notes and the assignment through Remind. Have a great evening!

Integrated Math I - Completed their first assessment today over Unit 1. Also, they were given a review assignment over solving equations. Check out my Weebly webpage for a helpful video if you get need a quick reminder on how to get started solving equations.
Integrated Math II - Quiz tomorrow over the characteristics of a quadratic graph (domain, range, zeros, y-int). Review your vocab terms. Also, I've uploaded the notes we started in class today. Complete those notes in your comp book before class tomorrow.

Integrated Math I and II

Integrated Math I students - I have posted four different links to sites that will help you review for the upcoming test. Please use those links several times. Also, I added some notes on domain and range. Please add those notes to your comp book. You need to be able to identify the function families and their characteristics. Test on TUESDAY!!! Study.
Integrated Math II students - Great job on your Instagram assignment! I've posted some on the website.

Powerpoints from class

 I added the powerpoints from class. Remember we haven't completely covered everything from the ppts yet.


I have posted the answers to the quiz you took yesterday over 13.4 - 13.6. My afternoon classes will complete a shorter version retake tomorrow in-class. Please compare your answers to the correct answers on my weebly webpage. The morning classes will get the same opportunity on Thursday morning.

March 2, 2017

Chapter 12 test on Friday, March 3rd. Watch the video link on Deriving Distance Formula from Pythagorean Theorem to be prepared for the bonus question. The answer key to ch. 12 review is posted on my Weebly webpage.