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Do you need a tutor?

The ultimate goal of tutoring is to help students become independent learners. Tutoring has been found to help students improve grades, get work done in less time, understand the material better, recall course-content over longer periods, and most importantly, help students become better learners in general.  

Tutoring is available to any students who feel they could be learning more successfully than they are. In fact, tutors themselves often request tutoring since they know firsthand how beneficial tutoring can be.  


Requesting a Tutor 

Free tutoring is available for most introductory courses and for many of the more popular courses. 

  • Requests are made online using therequest formand a tutor is assigned to you via school e-mail, usually within a day or two. 
  • Students are responsible for contacting the tutor by email once an assignment has been made to arrange a time and place to meet. Be sure your message clearly states your purpose for contacting the tutor and includes when you're available to meet. 
  • We recommend that tutors and tutees make plans to meet regularly, usually once per week or every two weeks.