Siegel High School

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School Profile

3300 Siegel Road Murfreesboro TN, 37129
Phone 615-904-3800 • Fax 615-904-3801

Grade Structure: 9-12
Enrollment (2016-2017): 1760
School Hours: 8:10 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.
Mascot: Star
Colors: Navy, Teal, Silver
Students: Siegel Nation


Siegel High School opened in the fall of 2003. The property the school is built upon was donated, along with land for two other schools, by Mr. Richard Siegel, as left in his will. 

School’s Purpose 

Siegel High School’s purpose is aligned with Tennessee’s “Drive to 55” initiative. The state’s mission is to “get 55% of Tennesseans equipped with a college degree or certificate by 2025”. According to the Murfreesboro government website, only 23.0% of Tennesseans hold a bachelors degree or higher (2007-2011).  In short, the mission is to get Tennesseans “Workforce Ready” in order to further economic development.  Therefore, SHS’s purpose is to ensure student learning so that students are college and career ready.


Siegel High School’s beliefs, values, vision, and mission are as follows:



Siegel High School’s beliefs are focused on the “Four Pillars of Education”.

  • Learning to Know:
    Acquire knowledge and master instruments of knowledge and understanding.
  • Learning to Do:
    Apply knowledge and act creatively in one’s environment.
  • Learning to Live Together:
    Understand and work effectively with others, take responsibility for participating in and contributing to society with integrity.
  • Learning to Be:
    Through self-knowledge, discover creative potential as a complete person.

These “Four Pillars of Education” are symbolized by the four pillars that mark the entrance of the school.



Siegel High School’s values are exemplified by the school’s crest and motto.




The school’s colors are navy, silver, and teal, and Siegel is the home of the stars.  The scroll represents the humanities, the Lamp of Knowledge represents the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next, Hermes’ shoe represents athletics, and the atom represents science.  The school was established in 2003.


The school’s motto is “Stars Lead the Way”. SHS’s students lead the way in academics, athletics, character, and community service.  For example, there are Character Counts! Banners in the hallways and students, faculty, and staff are highly involved in community service projects such as food drives, book drives, Angel Tree, and Habitat for Humanity.




Siegel High School will be a nationally recognized leader in academic achievement by ensuring all students receive a rigorous, standards-based education and graduate with college credit.



Siegel High School revolves around the mission that students will exhibit mastery of the academic, creative, and social skills needed to prosper in future educational and career choices.


SHS embodies its purpose through its program offerings and student expectations.  


Siegel High School offers a wide range of course offerings to prepare students for college and career.  Nineteen AP courses are currently offered for the 2016-2017 school year.  The PSAT was more heavily promoted for 9th and 10th graders and, in a meeting where they were given their scores, were shown how they can log into College Board’s My College QuickStart to see what their AP Potential is and were shown how to explore which AP courses would help them with their career interest.  


Students may also develop their creative side with the fine arts areas of band, drama, chorus, and visual arts.  For students who do not want to participate in marching band, SHS also offers jazz band.  


Students can explore and prepare for a career with the Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered such as Principles of Technology, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Family and Consumer Sciences, Graphic Arts and Design, and Health Sciences.    


Dual enrollment is another option students have to receive college credit.  SHS currently offers dual credit in personal finance and greenhouse management.  Several students also take dual-enrollment classes on campus with Middle Tennessee State University faculty.


SHS is also focused on raising the ACT composite and helping more students meet all four benchmarks.  All of the faculty attended an ACT School-Wide Prep in-service that was given by an assistant principal.  This prep plan includes five components that the administration and teachers are working together to achieve: curriculum audit, pretesting and data analysis, teacher professional development, student prep sessions, and motivating students.


Siegel High School’s faculty has high expectations for their students and provides a rigorous standards-based curriculum.  Math and English use the TNReady State Standards.  The faculty collaborates in PLC teams to ensure a guaranteed, viable curriculum for all students and to support students with their learning with their intervention and enrichment plans.  Teachers analyze common formative assessment data and discuss instructional strategies that have or have not been proven to work.  SHS instituted an intervention period called Star Time where students can go to a teacher for additional tutoring.  The students appreciate being able to get help during the school day especially those who have jobs, are athletes, and/or are bus riders.


As part of the Drive to 55 initiative, Tennessee Promise was born.  This program pays the tuition for students who attend community college or a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) school for two years.  The counselors scheduled every senior to go to the computer lab and helped students register for this wonderful opportunity.


Siegel High believes that educating a student is more than just academics.  Students may also learn valuable lessons such as teamwork and competition through our athletics.  They may also become leaders and serve the community through membership in one of our clubs such as Key Club, Beta Club, Spanish Club, and Student Council.  


From the course offerings and extracurricular activities to the high expectations for teaching and learning, Siegel High School has a clear focus on its purpose and mission as a school to prepare students for college and career every day.