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Kimberly Cing - Instructional Technology Coach
Phone: 615-904-3800 Ext. 29523

As an instructional technology coach, it is my job to keep teachers and students up-to-date on the latest and most helpful educational technology.  Teachers, I would love to work with you and your students! Here are some ways I can help ...
  • Team teaching new programs and lessons to your students 
  • Digital citizenship lessons (online safety, social media awareness, creating effective passwords, etc.)
  • Working with PLC groups to find ways to analyze data and to share remediation and enrichment resources
  • Meeting with teachers during planning periods to train on a wide variety of programs and to help with technology integration into lesson plans.
  • Offering after-school professional development to demonstrate and train on educational technology integration.


Our technician, Brent Sledge, will be at Siegel on Tuesdays and Fridays to process work orders for broken technical equipment.  Please send all work orders through the work order email address so that it will be put in queue for Brent.   Don't just email either Brent or Kim individually because your order may be overlooked.


We have 3 computer labs and 4 mobile labs for reservation: the language hall lab in room 122, the science hall lab in 942, the library lab, and mobile labs 1-4.  Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis; however, tested subject areas get priority, as they are required to prepare their students for TNReady testing. 

To reserve a computer lab, click on the online computer lab reservation link below.


Please follow the rules below when using computer labs:

  • Do not sign up for more than 3 days consecutively. If by the end of your third day, the following day is still unassigned, you may reserve for more days.
  • Be aware that classes preparing for state or certification tests get priority, and if one of these classes needs a lab, your reservation may be rescheduled.
  • Computers in all labs are numbered. Assign computers to your students before going to the lab and instruct them to use the same computer each time you go into the lab.
  • All bags and backpacks, need to remain on the side or back of the room.  Do not block the walkways.
  • THERE IS NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE LAB AT ANY TIME! If students come with food or drink, it needs to be left with their bag/backpack and NOT allowed on the computer desk.
  • If any of the computers are not working in the lab, submit a work order to so that it can be fixed in a timely manner.