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Brenda Gregory - Choir/Music Theory

Brenda Gregory



Class Schedule: 

1st period 

Music Theory

2nd period 

 Women's Chorale

3rd period 

 Women's Select Choir

4th period 

 Concert Choir

5th period 

 Chamber Choir

6th period 


7th period 



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Recent Posts

Choir-week of December 17-20

Monday-Friday-the concert was the choir mid-term exam.  The students will not be required to be in class all week.
Thursday morning-Chamber Choir performance at Faculty Breakfast

Choir-week of December 10-14

Monday-Holiday concert preparation
Tuesday-Holiday concert preparation
Wednesday-Dress rehearsal on stage
Thursday-Dress rehearsal on stage 
Friday-Literacy lesson

Music Theory-week of December 10-14

Monday-review "Thinking in Keys worksheet
Tuesday-Test review
Wednesday-"Thinking in Keys" assessment
Thursday-Mid term exam review
Friday-Literacy lesson

Choir-week of December 3-7

Monday-Holiday concert preparation
Tuesday-Holiday concert preparation
Wednesday-Holiday concert preparation
Thursday-Holiday concert preparation
Friday-Holiday concert preparation

Music Theory-week of November 26-30

Monday-Lesson 8-Degree Name Review
Tuesday-Lesson 8, Exercise 5.17-Thinking in Keys
Wednesday-Lesson 8, Exercise 5.18-Thinking in Keys, Part 2
Thursday-Lesson 8, Exercise 5.19-Thinking in Keys, Part 3
Friday-Unit Review Questions

Choir-week of November 26-30

Monday-Holiday Concert Preparation
Tuesday-Holiday Concert Preparation
Wednesday-Holiday Concert Preparation
Thursday-Holiday Concert Preparation
Friday-Holiday Concert Preparation

Music Theory-week of November 12-16

Monday-writing key signatures activity
Tuesday-major scales intro
Wednesday-major scales writing activity
Thursday-major scales test review
Friday-major scales writing assessment

Choir-week of November 12-16

Monday-Holiday concert preparation-Mid State begins
Tuesday-Holiday concert preparation-Mid State rehearsals/concert
Wednesday-Holiday concert preparation-"Beauty and the Beast" dance auditions
Thursday-abbreviated day-Holiday concert preparation-"Beauty and the Beast" ladies' singing auditions
Friday-Holiday concert preparation-"Beauty and the Beast" mens' singing auditions

Choir-week of November 5-9

Monday-Holiday concert preparation
Tuesday-No School
Wednesday-Holiday concert preparation
Thursday-Holiday concert preparation
Friday-Holiday concert preparation

Music Theory-week of November 5-9

Monday-Key Signatures test
Tuesday-No School
Wednesday-test assessment and remediation
Thursday-Residency I student lesson-Time Signatures
Friday-Major Scales

Choir-week of October 29-November 2

Monday-Holiday Concert music preparation
Tuesday-All County Choir Event
Wednesday-Holiday Concert music preparation
Thursday-Holiday Concert music preparation
Friday-Holiday Concert music preparation

Music Theory-week of October 29-November 2

Monday-Key Signature review
Tuesday-out-Rutherford County All County Choir event
Wednesday-Unit test-Constructing/Recognizing Key Signatures
Thursday-Residency I student lesson (Time Signature introduction)
Friday-Constructing Major Scales

Music Theory-week of October 15-19

Monday-Major Scale pattern review
Tuesday-Key Signature discussion
Wednesday-Circle of Fifths discussion
Thursday-Writing major scales worksheet
Friday-Identifying major scales classwork

Choir-week of October 15-19

Monday-Variety Show assessment/post mortem
Tuesday-Holiday Concert music rehearsal
Wednesday-Holiday Concert music rehearsal
Thursday-Holiday Concert music rehearsal
Friday-Holiday Concert music rehearsal