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Senior Information

Our program will be held on June 27, 2020 at 7:00 pm at Siegel High School's Ken Nolan Stadium, located at 3300 Siegel Road, Murfreesboro, TN. All gates will open at 5:00 pm. Please try to carpool with family for social distancing purposes. There will be a controlled dismissal process. Once your section has been dismissed, please immediately exit the stadium and leave the facilities. We request that families meet in another location off campus for pictures. In addition, we will be emailing and tweeting a video explaining the graduation process the week of graduation.


Due to COVID-19 the following guidelines will be posted: 

If you are feeling unwell or have a fever, please refrain from entering the stadium.

Masks preferred. Not required.

Distancing requested when walking and seated.

Dismissal will be controlled by sections.

Entry by ticket only.


Social distancing guidelines are part of our graduation plan and must be followed. Please note the following:

Each student will receive six tickets. All seating will be blocked off in 6 seat sections.

Seating is available on home, visitor, and track areas around the football stadium.

Handicap seating will be available.

Entrance points will be open at the football stadium on both the middle and high school side of the stadium.

Tickets will be collected at all gate entrances.There will be no entering without a ticket.

In the case of inclement weather, graduation will be held on June 28th at 7pm and the third inclement weather day will be on June 29th at 7pm.


All graduates will report to the football stadium on Saturday morning June 27th at 9:00 am to practice. Please park and report straight to the football stadium. Students will receive graduation tickets at this time, so it is imperative that your graduate attend the graduation practice.


If you have any questions regarding graduation practice, please email 


We need our graduates to arrive at Siegel High School at 6:00 pm for the actual graduation ceremony and report directly to the gym to line up. Reminder that graduates must follow dress code attire to participate in the ceremony. The dress code requirements are located below.


Please remember as plans can change, we will contact you and keep you updated via twitter, school webpage, and school call out. Thank you in advance for your support as we celebrate our class of 2020 graduates.


Larry Creasy




Siegel High School takes pride in the classiness of our graduation ceremony.  This, we believe, has a lot to do with the graduation attire we require.  The graduation attire will be as follows:



  • Black Dress Shoes (all black, even the soles) – No Tennis Shoes
  • All-White Shirt (Long Sleeves Preferred)
  • Dark Neck Tie (No Bow Ties)
  • Black Dress Slacks


  • All-black Shoes– Must have enclosed toes and heels. Does not have to have a heel, may be flats. Students may not wear cork heels, flip flops, or sandal type shoes. ALL BLACK SHOES ARE REQUIRED!
  • No large or gaudy earrings permitted.
  • If a dress shows at the top of the gown, it must be black or white.
  • The dress should not be longer than the length of the graduation gown. If the dress is found to be longer than the gown, a teacher will pin it up before the ceremony begins.


Graduation Caps:  You WILL be allowed to have decorated caps this year!  Click here for the GRADUATION CAP GUIDELINES.





Printable copies: