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Shauna Green - English

Shauna Green

Class Schedule: 


1st period 

 English II Honors

2nd period 


3rd period 

 English II Honors

4th period 

 English II Advanced Honors

5th period 

 English II Advanced Honors

6th period 

 English II Honors

7th period 

 English II Honors


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Recent Posts

Found poem instructions

“Found” poem

  1. Read & go over directions on paper.
  2. Read the selection at least twice, lightly circling/underlining words that are interesting to you and that you might want to include in your poem. 
  3. After reading & circling the words, read them to see if the poem sounds the way you want it to, making corrections if need be. 
  4. After you have followed steps 1-3, make sure the words you want to keep in the poem are heavily circled or boxed, blacken out the words you do not want.
  5. On the back of the poem you will provide a 3-4 sentence explanation of your poem.

Think about the following: Why did you choose to leave certain words? How do the ideas left behind make sense? Which, if any, themes or motifs are applicable to your new poem? How does your poem relate to the memoir?

      6. Create a title for your found poem based on its new meaning, and put         the title on the front.



Let me stamp your poem so I know that you finished the assignment, and then you may take it with you.

Due by next Thursday’s ½ day. No late turn ins! The amount of points (5-15) depend on what lengths you go to illustrate your poem and the explanation you provide.

Illustrate your found poem in a creative way & provide a 3-4 sentence explanation of your picture.

Consider the following when writing your explanation:

What inspired you to create what you have drawn, colored, painted, etc.? Why did you choose the certain colors you used? How does the picture add to the meaning of your poem? Which themes or motifs are present in your illustration? Does the title that you created for the poem match your picture? Why/why not?



ALWG reading schedule

Chapters 1-5, before Friday’s class 10/19

Chapters 6-10 before Friday’s class 10/26

Chapters 11-13 before Friday’s class 11/2

Chapters 14-17 before Friday’s class 11/9

Chapters 18-21 before Friday’s class 11/16

HONORS ONLY Independent Reading Project 2 due by 11/30